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The VLR 4 is an accurate, high performance, BC enhanced, expanding monolithic bullet designed for long range very accurate plains-game hunting requiring flatter trajectories and consistent performance. As a result of the BC optimized bearing-surface, BC optimized boat tail and BC optimized nose design, this bullet compete aggressively with any plastic tipped monolithic competitor with the additional bonus of low shot start pressure, low recoil and increased muzzle velocity. A purpose-designed and patented brass initiator offers unparalleled and progressive controlled expansion from the very low impact velocity of 1600fps through medium and on to very high impact velocities of 3000fps. Perfect expansion as well as excellent weight retention is achieved with the patented plunger initiator design. Unlike lead-core bullets this bullet may be used for “on the shoulder (instant knock-down) shots”, instead of the limited option of only behind the shoulder.

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Bullet Style
Expanding, Spitser, Boat tail
Bullet Coating
Country of Origin
South Africa
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